Why Eziplan is the best Home Care Software in 2019

Why eziplan is the best Home Care software for Australian Businesses in 2019?

Eziplan is Home Care software built around the financial requirements of Australian Aged Care Providers. 



With over 20 years' experience providing software solutions for aged and home care providers in Australia through Ezitracker, we understand the importance of local software that is built for the Australian market.


With a development team based in Australiaeziplan software has been designed to meet care management needs of Aged & Home Care and NDIS providers. eziplan’s strength is in how it allows you to manage the financial needs of not just your business but also your clients. Enter data once into your roster and you can manage your payroll, billing and funds claiming through seamless integration to financial packages, the premium ezipay payroll software and Medicare. 


Find out more below about eziplan & ezipay and how they help you manage all the financial needs of your business: 


ezipay is Single Touch Payroll-enabled. Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a change in the way employers report their PAYG and super information to the ATO. Employers are now required to report PAYG and super after payroll has been processed, rather than previously reporting monthly or quarterly. In addition to PAYG, super information must now be reported, which previously wasn’t required. In July 2018, employers with 20 or more employees began STP reporting. As of July 1, 2019, employers with 19 or fewer employees must also be STP compliant. 

ezipay was endorsed by the ATO as Single Touch Payroll compliant in July 2018. We’re ready and equipped to help you with your STP reporting needs. 


Connecting eziplan and ezipay software solutions integrates to create a premium financial offering. EBA rules and custom employment agreements can be significant compliance risk to manage in any organisationTake the SCHADS award; through ezipay this modern National award is prebuilt and kept updated automatically if any changes occur.  


Now with eziplan workforce rostering, when payroll time comes, each shift is automatically matched to the appropriate Award in ezipay without you lifting a finger. This means that once your schedule is rostered with our easy weekly planner, you only need to manage the exceptions that eziplan notifies you of and all your changes will be pre-approved and ready to output at payroll time. 


Find out more about ezipay at www.ezihub.com.au/ezipay


Modern awards are set by Fair Work and provide pay rates and conditions of employment such as leave, overtime and shift work entitlements. ezipay automates all the rules for modern awards so you’ll always be compliant in payroll.  


Multiple Awards can be installed and used, including building your customised business EAs to ensure your payroll is processed to your individual business requirements. With 40+ Awards to choose from including industry areas as well as all the required Home Care and Health Services Awards. 


Different wage rates, penalties, allowances, overtime based on location, cost centres, day of the week, public holidays, split shifts can all be managed in ezipay. Even with shift workers, our rule conditions enable automatic calculation based on your specific working requirements to help you spend less time on processing your payroll. 


eziplan and ezipay help you meet all your financial compliance requirements for your clients as well across both the NDIS and HCPs, with features to provide planning and documentation. 


Meet the Aged Care Standards and your provider responsibilities as outlined in the User Rights Principles 2014 with: 

  • Budgets that can be signed and sent out electronically or in hard copy alongside the Home Care Agreement 

  • Download your Medicare monthly report directly into eziplan and along with the budget and shift data from within eziplan itself you will populate your fully compliant monthly client HCP statements. 


Meet the requirement for documentation set out by the NDIS and make claiming a breeze with: 


  • Service provision documentation that comes directly from the planned schedule of service you create within a client’s profileSigned and sent out electronically or in hard copy. 


  • Claim using your NDIS bulk upload file created automatically from the actual services your support workers have provided directly from your roster and electronic timesheets and the uploaded to the NDIS portal. 


Our integrated software helps to simplify the financial management of Aged & Home Care and NDIS providers in Australia using software solutions designed locally. 


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