5 Essential features of Homecare Software

SIMPLE – EASY – EFFICIENT – Let our software make care easy for you.  

Choosing software for consumer directed care is hard and is especially important for Homecare Providers to choose correctly. From understanding product features, to completing product demo and making sure that the software meets requirements it can be extremely time consuming choosing a software solution right for you. 

Here are 5 essential software features your homecare software should have in 2019. 

Essential Homecare Software Features: 

  • Payroll Integration 
    With any workforce rostering system, there will be time and attendance verification data that needs to be passed through to an accounting and/or payroll system. Making sure your chosen business software integrate will minimise manual entry and help automate the payroll process. 

  • Automated Client Invoicing 
    Client billing across different types of care packages and care delivery types can be time consuming for admin teams to manage. Having an automated client invoicing system that links to rostered shifts dramatically helps administration efficiency. 

  • Intelligent Rostering 
    Not all rostering software are equal. With qualification, distance planning, award interpretation and time and attendance data recording it is important that all features integrate seamlessly with the rostered shifts and client billing process. 
  • Client Funding Package Management 
    Clients with multiple funding packages, self-managed top ups and Brokerage services need monitoring and verification of their running funding package amounts. It is crucial that the client is aware of the services being provided and the costs they incur to manage long term care needs. 
  • Appointment Verification 
    Care delivery verification of client appointment needs to be tracked through employee GPS locations to prove 100% validation of client visits. Without the verification of visit, accreditation requirements are not met. 
  • Client Surveys 
    With the advent of changes to Consumer Directed Care this has seen an update to the 2019 accreditation standards, and this means there is a strong focus on consumer feedback to care delivery. Managing feedback and care delivery performance is crucial with any operational software and business reporting.

Eziplan is cloud software for Australian Homecare Providers, helping simplify day to day operations and improve business efficiencies. Eziplan software features: 

Staff Management 

• Rostering and Scheduling 

• Award Interpretation 

• Qualification Tracking 

• Client Care Management 

• Client Funding Integration 

• Payroll Integration and Client Invoicing 

• Mobile and Tablet Application 

• Document Library 

• Staffing Map and Journey Planner 

• Transport Appointments 

• Appointment Bidding 

 • Daily or Weekly Appointment Planner 

• DSS (DEX) VHC (DVA) Integration 

• Shift Breaks and EBA guidelines 


Eziplan is full of features that make care simple easy and efficient for your Homecare Organisation