Getting to Know eziplan

Getting to know eziplan 

eziplan is software built and designed in Australia for Australian Home Care and NDIS providers. Offering integration with all leading financial management systems including XERO, MYOB and Inerva, the eziplan solution stands out from the crowd by managing the financial needs of your business. 

With over 20 years' experience providing software solutions in Australia, we understand the key aspects of your business, your need to manage your day to day operations to reduce costs and effectively manage service delivery. Find out more about our eziplan software or go to a section that interests you most from the table of contents below:

  • Why eziplan started

  • How eziplan works

  • eziplan is made for Australian Home Care & NDIS Providers

  • Implementing eziplan in your business

  • How eziplan helps your team

  • What other providers say

  • Future of eziplan

  • Need to know more?

Why eziplan Started 

Our parent company Ezitracker originally started in 1999, providing a landline care verification solution to mobile workforces. By utilising the date and time logs of care workers’ visits, businesses could, and still do, verify time of visit to create a data record that links roster through to payroll. Throughout the early 2000’s Ezitracker moved to cloud based technologies, mobile apps and offering hardware time and attendance kiosks to allow businesses to be adaptable to modern workforce requirements. 

Peter Longman is the joint founder of HAS Technology Group and Managing Director of ezihub in Australia and New Zealand. During a career spent working as a Local Government Contracts officer in Adult Social Care for Birmingham City Council, Peter identified a need for improved methods of monitoring the delivery of home care services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. Peter established Care Management with partner Chris Jackson in 1999 and over the last 20 years built the business to be market leader in workforce management SaaS solutions.  

eziplan has been brought to market to meet the requirements of Home Care & NDIS providers in Australia. Ezitracker sought to provide an innovative solution for providers looking to manage workforce service delivery, client funding packages, billing and payroll integration. That need for an innovative and integrated solution created eziplan, which is an affordable software solution for Home Care and NDIS providers. eziplan is a software solution that integrates with the ezihub’s suite of solutions to provide flexible end to end software to manage your total business needs. 

eziplan has been designed in Australia, beginning in 2013 with an Australian development team. eziplan has been designed for consumer directed care and the new Aged Care Standards brought in from July 1, 2019.  

We have embraced the key principles in the ‘A TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP FOR THE AUSTRALIAN AGED CARE SECTOR’ roadmap to offer our Australian Home Care and NDIS customers an excellent solution for their long-term business needs. 

“The confluence of current aged care reforms, business model transformation and technological disruption is reshaping multiple areas of the aged care industry eco-system. Consumers are at the center of these changes and the Australian aged care industry is embracing this change”. 

  • Principle I: consumer choice is at the center of quality aged care 
  • Principle IV: the system is both affordable for all and sustainable. 

The ACIITC was formed, over 10 years ago now, by the two industry peak bodies LASA and the ACSA because they could see that Information and Communication Technology (or ICT) would be key to the Home Care industry in the years to come. With help from the government, other Health Care areas like General Practice and Pharmacy have already benefited from significant improvements in ICT services and the ACIITC see the benefits to the Aged Care industry being considerable.

The message is simple: ICT is a key enabler and ICT applications, like eziplan, improve productivity. The industry needs to harness the power of technology to make the provision of care more affordable, allowing older people to live longer in their own homes. The cost of inaction is high, not only for the consumers relying on Home Care Services but also with regard to the viability of those businesses. 

How eziplan Works 

eziplan is cloud software that allows providers to manage and track your clients from first contact through care delivery to funding, however your workforce need to interact with it on the move. The system automates back office processes and communication that reduces tasks taking a large amount of staff time into a matter of minutes. 

eziplan starts working for you the moment you gain a new client. By adding all client details including history, budget, care plan and service agreements before creating a service schedule and rostering your staff.  

Staff can then accept and verify their service delivery through the mobile app, creating an electronic timesheet to automate your payroll and billing/claiming processes all from their mobile device. Staff will also see all relevant information they need and add new client updates from the mobile app while completing their daily duties, giving you full and easy service delivery management in real-time with the addition of notifications to track the safety of lone workers. 

Client funding and staff payroll are all automated out of the one rostered service schedule that creates the electronic timesheet, invoices, claiming records and budget tracking giving you a full financial record integrated with client funding.  

See the key features below: 

Business Operations: 

Client/Care Worker Management: 

Compliance & Reporting: 

Financial Control 

Service Delivery Management 


Electronic Time Sheets 

Repeat and one-off service scheduling 

Lone worker protection 

Payroll creation 

Regular and one-off staff rostering 

Service delivery verification 

Private and brokerage invoicing 

Budget creation 

Qualification management 

Client statements 

Customised Service Agreements 

Client record auditability 

NDIS Bulk upload 

Customised Care Planning 

Client Statements 


Roster Communication 



Mobile and cloud-based Client Record Keeping 



Auditable Service Delivery 



Lone Worker Protection 



eziplan is Made for Australian Service Providers

eziplan for Home Care 

eziplan has been designed and built for consumer directed care in 2019. The eziplan client and care worker CRM allows your organisation to easily manage ongoing client care. Funding management and client care history is easily viewable allowing all information to be viewable when required. 

Client Funding Package Management is simplified with eziplan. Allowing your organisation to manage all individual client funding packages including HCP and DVA, integrating with in-home care providers. Planning can be managed in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly allotments.  

eziplan makes managing the payroll process easy. Integration with XERO and MYOB and Inerva is easy to manage and helps reduce back office administration and with our ezihub solution you can easily integrate with over 40+ options. 

eziplan for NDIS 

eziplan is NDIS ready in 2019, allowing you to manage client plan management funds and plan support needs for clients. Through rostering one scheduled appointment your administration team create a data record that that allows administration staff to reduce time at payroll and billing to 10 minutes. Making weekly and monthly claims for NDIS client payments a breeze. Below are examples of how eziplan helps providers manage NDIS claims:  


  • Self-managing participants – eziplan NDIS software has client generated invoices based on appointments made. With customised pay rates connected with client plans, the right amounts will be invoiced at the right times with eziplan.   

  • Participants who are Plan Management Provider managed or NDIA managed – Submitting payment requests for each client can be time consuming but with eziplan NDIS software this time can be reduced to a matter of minutes with bulk claim file for upload. 

Additionally, eziplan allows your organisation to manage individual client funding packages including NDIS, integrating with disability care providers. Planning can be managed in weekly, monthly and yearly allotments. 

eziplan allows you to integrate with First2Care, the NDIS Plan Management app. First2Care is there to support you through every stage of your NDIS journey. It has all the disability planning and NDIS management tools together, ready for you when you need it. And when you work with SMS, you get transparent Plan Management using the purpose-built NDIS software. With First2Care we keep all your information and paperwork together – in one accessible place, without any confusion. 

Implementing eziplan in your business 

»    System Design Planning 

Step 1 

»    Specialised Development and Database Establishment 

Step 2 

»    Initial Implementation & Training 

Step 3 

»    Ongoing Customer Support & Development 

Step 4 

We want you to feel informed and empowered during your use of eziplan. Below we have outlined in more detail what the eziplan process may involve. 

System Design Planning 

Your Implementation Manager and the Development Team will work with you so we all understand how your business will use the system. This may entail detailed discussion of your operational processes, workflows and data requirements so that eziplan solutions can be set up in the best possible way to meet your customised business needs. We may introduce you to specialist payroll consultants. 

Discussion and planning of the implementation process with your management team will begin in further detail. This will be an important change for your business, and everyone needs to be on the same page for it to move forward smoothly. 

Specialised Development & Database Establishment 

The Development Team will carry out any specialised system development that has been organised in the planning phase and tested with your team. They will also initialize your business’s individual system setup and servers in preparation for implementation. 

Implementation and Development Teams will collect any required data from you to populate and integrate your database (if you have chosen to). Including: 

  • Migration of your records to the new system, mainly staff and client records. Where appropriate, you will be supplied with documentation to populate initial system profiles. 
  • Integration of payroll and billing systems. We or your chosen consultant will work with your accounting department to match a chosen solutions inputs and outputs with your other systems. 

Initial Implementation & Training 

Your staff will gain access to the new solutions and start to be able to use it. Any training that has been organized for your staff, whether mobile or administration, will take place. Including: 

  • Initial training given to your administration staff and lead care staff. 
  • Training sessions for care staff on how to use the mobile interface. 
  • At this stage you will be able to add your staff and client details if this has not been migrated prior to implementation. 

Ongoing Customer Support & Development 

Your Account Manager will continue to be available should you have questions and you will have access to our basic online or phone based technical support (1800 148 482). 

Account Management will stay in touch with you over the life of your time with your eziplan solutions to make sure your experience is positive and so that between us we can proactively manage any changes that may need to occur as your business evolves. 

How eziplan helps your team 

The morning roster frenzy... 

Like many mornings when you get to work, already the phone is ringing before you can grab a coffee and the first call comes in with a staff member sick. There are now have six Service appointments to fill but the problem is the staff you have working are already out and underway. When you do call the first 5 staff members,  they say they can’t make it before you finally do have someone who can. 

With eziplan; all you have to do is remove the shifts from the daily planner and send them out to bidding. Easily choose from your team only those who are qualified and available to do the appointments and they will receive an SMS notifying them of an available shift. All they need to do is follow the link and accept directly from their eziplan mobile app. Giving, the first one in will go straight into the roster. Now not only are your clients going to receive their help today but you have already sorted out the timesheets for all the changes no matter how many staff are involved. Time for that coffee after all. 

Simplifying communication confusion between team members... 

Just like every morning you walk in the door ready to go to work. However, last week your employer started using eziplan for your roster and client information. In your hand is your days roster, all your client information for the day, even the new client you forgot to review the previous day, your timesheet, progress notes and your travel accounts. All in one place, on your staff members mobile phone. 

As you get in the car you remember there were some late changes for today. The mobile app means your roster is a click away and updated directly to your phone. A few seconds later and you have the new schedule in hand. As you move through your day, you get a notification of a cancellation, well that’s a pain. Now there is a big gap , but when you look at the app you notice that Mrs Smith in the last slot is flexible with time, so you can bring her forward and get an early appointment to fill the gap. No need to send off a timesheet change, this is all managed by the mobile app.  

Kilometers can be hard to remember and time consuming to take down, no need to remember to take note of the odometer reading between appointments because the travel is all sorted by the mobile app and making progress notes after each appointment is a breeze as they go straight into the app. No more phone calls about changes while you are driving. eziplan will change your day! 

The payroll time headache...

It is payroll week... To start with you need to make sure you have enough coffee to get through the week. A few days before payday you start collecting timesheets as they have to be checked against the roster to confirm they are correct. There is at least half a day of time spent for that even if there is no discrepancies. After that, you have to add up the hours in each time category, plug them into the finance software under each pay rule and then still go through the payroll process.  

With eziplan the data entry is removed and simplified. The timesheets are completed digitally by the staff as they complete appointment and only the changes made to normal rostered shifts need approving, but that has been done by the rostering staff as the notifications have come in. All you have to do is choose your date range, download the file and upload it to the finance software. Headache no longer.


The accreditation and auditing nightmares...

Next month is accreditation. What is the list to be done? Collate all the incident reports, make sure all the client files are in order, check that the policies and procedures are all in the right place and accessible for staff, there is just too much! 

eziplan accreditation and auditing dream... 

Next week is accreditation. What is the list that needs to be done? Not as much. After the last nightmare you implemented eziplan and accreditation preparation is now done daily and by the admin staff. Client files are all in the cloud, where they are accessible to everyone who needs access, including where and when they need them, even the auditors.  

Progress notes are kept up to date because it is so easy for the mobile staff to do them as they go. All the incident reports and client paperwork is saved against their profiles in the system. Policies and procedures? They are also stored in the app so that they can be accessed from everywhere and everyone has their own copy available to them so that they don’t get moved and go missing. You can sleep easy this week.

What do other providers say? 

Recently, we conducted a case study of a Home Care business that moved from limited systems to an automated mobile workforce solution. The key pain points for the change were the time spent managing day to day communication, especially when timeframes were tight, having to capture data manually and a lack of immediate connection to the workforce.


Requirements included jobs like: 

  • Trying to fill shifts when someone calls in sick in the morning for a 9am support service 
  • Recording mileage for travel and separating out to and with 
  • Organising and approving timesheets 
  • The inability to easily and quickly know that you have a problem in the field where someone has not arrived at or left their service because of an incident. 

One of the comments that came out of the case study was from the Aged & Disability Services Coordinator at Southern Grampians Shire HACC said that:

“… travel time and mileage were written on timesheets which was often difficult to read and time consuming to add up, check and process for payroll. Now travel between clients and in-service expenses are captured on the go and sent to admin for staff reimbursement and client invoicing.”  

This is just one example of how digital transformation with an automated Service Delivery System like eziplan makes a day to day difference to the time spent on previously manual tasks across all sections of your business as well as bringing greater accuracy and transparency to areas of compliance. 

Future of eziplan 

Since 2013 eziplan has been developed around what Home Care and NDIS providers need most. Through our ongoing work and a passionate team, we are creating the perfect software solution for your business. 

Some of our exciting recent updates allow you to manage care workers and rosters much more efficiently. In your daily planner screen, you will now have the ability to bulk update a care workers’ shifts to another worker should they be unavailable due to sickness or otherwise. Additionally, you can now directly message a care worker from the daily planner screen, enabling admin users to not jump between multiple devices. We also have some exciting work on how you use the eziplan solution (User Experience) to be undertaken shortly. 

You never know what might be next (unless you sign up and give us suggestions of course), but you can guarantee it will be aimed at making your life easier and saving time and money for your business. 

Need to know more? 

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