34 Tactics used to grow your homecare business in 2019

34 Tactics used to grow your homecare business without spending big dollars on marketing


In 2019 consumer directed care means that the choice is shifting to the consumer and competition between providers is increasing. Here are 34 great marketing tactics for Homecare providers in 2019 to market consumer directed care locally: 

  1. Trade mentions and posts with other companies and thought leaders in blogs and social media. 

  2. Providers with a similar number of followers will be more willing to cross promote. 

  3. List your business on google business.

  4. List your business on local classifieds.

  5. Submit a free press release using a service like PRlog.

  6. Sign up on a service like careabout.com, respond to anyone that mentions your brand and stay engaged with your customer feedback.

  7. Stay active on posts in your community about aged care and in online blogs.

  8. Message relevant meetups and ask for speaking gigs at local events.

  9. Film your speaking events and share videos of your talks on your blog and YouTube.

  10. Use tools like MajesticSEO or Ahrefs free trials to see who links to your competitors, outreach to those websites and ask for links.

  11. Use the same SEO tools to review your websites performance in search engine results and update and fix based on recommendations.

  12. Encourage social shares with homecare programs that promote your brand.

  13. Send personalised E-mails to your existing users, ask for referrals or their help promoting your organisation.

  14. Create an infographic, share on free distribution websites.

  15. Write a post called “Our competitor vs Our Company” - This will attract search engine traffic looking for reviews of your competitor.

  16. Giveaway a free e-catalog, ask users to sign up to your newsletter to download it.

  17. Create a “how-to” guide for something that is difficult for consumers in your industry.

  18. Promote your company in your E-mail signature.

  19. Launch an E-mail newsletter based on number (15) using a free service like MailChimp.

  20. Get your organisation featured in local blogs and papers.

  21. Ask customers for a review on google business.

  22. Find what blogs appear in Google for your target keywords, leave relevant comments on those blogs.

  23. Outreach to bloggers and influencers, invite them to share your content. If you mention them in your content, they’re more likely to share it.

  24. Write guest posts on other blogs.

  25. Setup a video page and create local content on YouTube.

  26. Start a drip E-mail marketing campaign about questions to consider when choosing a Homecare Providers from potential signups.

  27. Invite your existing customers to provide feedback on service delivery and additional program offerings. You can send them a survey on google surveys.

  28. Determine what questions customers in the homecare sector are asking, create blog posts answering those questions.

  29. Run a free promotion or giveaway if users follow you on social media.

  30. Manually reach out to social media followers of similar companies in your space. If you don’t want to reach out, just follow them.

  31. Set your website up on a CMS (Content Management System) for regular news and articles posts for SEO.

  32. Run local programs targeted at Australian aged 50 and over, including lawn bowls, tennis, golf, etc.

  33. Engage with the local community and write about the local programs on your website or video blog.

  34. Post and share content on local events run. 

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