5 Tips for managing growth as an Australian Aged & Homecare Provider

5 great tips to keep in mind when managing growth as an Australian Homecare provider

If your Home Care business is currently growing, or you are looking to manage growth it is important to focus on the key areas that will help drive growth. Whether that is increasing client size or improving cost efficiencies it is important to understand which areas of the business need attention.  

As an Australian Homecare Provider managing consumer directed care it is important to be aware of changes to the incoming aged care standards and the impact that will have on your business. Whether you will need to focus on care delivery, consumer support, or both, the importance of having day to day operations under control and ready to support increase clients and care types becomes crucial to growth. 

Here are 5 simple tips for helping manage business growth: 


  • Always be hiring 

    Flexible workforces, time poor employees, understaffed, under skilled, under managed, these are just some of the issues that arise when business go through growth but for Homecare providers, meeting a quality of care standard is vital and if not met can have long term implications on the business. 

    Hiring is time consuming and costly, if your organisation is going through growth, have job ads and hiring partners that are constantly looking for new recruits that will help meet your staffing and skilled requirement needs. 

  • Market to your community 

    Business growth happens through a growing client base. With many competing Australian Homecare Providers, it is competitive attracting new clients. To find out more on homecare provider growth tactics read our latest article on:  

    '34 Tactics used to grow your homecare business in 2019'

  • Operational Efficiencies 

    With growth, day to day operations become stressed, from management
    , to administration duties, there is often not enough people and time to perform all the tasks required in a day. The simplest way maximise operational productivity is to improve on the efficiency of work with ezihub.

    Through software that supports your organisation to make care easy, you can dramatically improve on homecare delivery management and reporting as well as administration time costs. Software can help with many types of business needs for providers, but Ezitracker’s cloud software Eziplan has been specifically designed for Australian homecare providers managing clients of consumer directed care (CDC) 

  • Setting Roles, Structure and Delegation  

    Good business governance is important for any business but particularly one that is growing. With growth comes operational headaches and pains due to being understaffed or unprepared.  

    Setting a business structure with clearly defined roles will help you delegate key tasks and understand where support may be lacking or where operational issues may arise. 

  • Online Focus 

    Although last on the list, having a strong online focus in 2019 may be the most important for growth. Having a strong digital presence on web, social media and YouTube is crucial to step 2 of marketing to the community, with many prospective clients searching for homecare needs at the awareness stage. Making sure you are providing customers in your local community with the right information at the right time and easily accessible is why a strong online focus in 2019 is required. 


With over 20 years of experience working directly with Aged Care providers to help support them in delivering quality care, Ezitracker and now Eziplan understand how to help Home Care providers manage a variety of operational needs. 

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