Make NDIS Client Claiming easy with Bulk Claims

SIMPLE – EASY – EFFICIENT – Those are the magic words that NDIS software needs to achieve, to help providers manage client plans

NDIS registered providers are paid in line with the NDIS funding model. How providers will be paid depends on NDIS funded participants and what type of plan they have: 

NDIS Providers face ongoing operational problem, from: 

  • Growing client base requiring care 
  • NDIS client claims becoming time intensive 

A growing client base leads to direct growth in organisational revenue, however with more clients comes time intensive NDIS claims increasing back office administration costs. With the correct software in place an NDIS provider can dramatically reduce back office administration activity and improve the efficiency of client invoicing and NDIS billings. 

How can NDIS Providers manage these operational need's?

When significant time is being spent invoicing and claiming client NDIS payments, software helps to dramatically improve the time spent on these tasks. With the correct process in place administration staff need less than 10 minutes to make weekly and monthly claims for NDIS client payments. Below are examples of how Eziplan helps providers manage NDIS claims: 

  • Self-managing participants – Eziplan NDIS software has client generated invoices based on appointments made. With customised pay rates connected with client plans, the right amounts will be invoiced at the right times with Eziplan.  
  • Participants who are Plan Management Provider managed or NDIA managed – Submitting payment requests for each client can be time consuming but with Eziplan NDIS software this time can be reduced to a matter of minutes with bulk claim file export.

SIMPLE – EASY – EFFICIENT – NDIS claiming is easy with Eziplan