Consumer Directed Care: Managing Workforce Rostering

The change to consumer directed care in Australia means that Aged & Home Care providers need to find efficiencies and productivity gains to manage costs and care delivery performance from a remote workforce management perspective. 

Managing the right care workers to the correct shifts and making sure the care is performed to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards gives further importance to the value of the consumer and client.

Workforce rostering can be managed through paper sheets, Excel Spreadsheet but more often now, through Cloud Rostering Software. However not all rostering systems are built the same and it is important to understand the pros and cons of each system. The goals of adopting new rostering software  should be to alleviate pressure on administrative staff and reduce time costs, but also help measure and track care provided that help deliver benefits over time.

The Demands of Home Care in Australia

It is important to understand the demands of Aged Care in Australia to outline why software is and will be needed to support care providers delivery of quality care to clients.

The Aged Care Demographic

What should your Home Care Rostering System Provide?

With a multitude of different clients spread across large areas in Australia, Aged & Home Care providers can find it hard to manage in home care for clients. Specialised workforce rostering software is important for clients that range in care needs and care workers who qualify for different types of care.

Eziplan as a rostering system is designed to help Home Care providers manage their workforce and care delivery needs to fulfill many technical aspects. From qualification tracking to notification management, it is important that administrative users, management and care workers have the right information at all times to make informed decisions that will improve upon the care delivery to clients.


A list of the of the 7 most crucial aspects a rostering system must meet is below:

-        Care Worker Location and distance between shifts

-        Once off and re-occurring Shifts

-        Qualification Tracking

-        Award Interpretation Rules

-        Payroll Integration

-        Client Information Management

-        Government Reporting Integration


Find out the Role Technology and Eziplan Can Play in the incoming Aged Care Quality Standards for 2019

The importance of choosing the correct software for workforce rostering cannot be understated, as choosing the wrong software can mean costly implementation expenses and sunk time costs.


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