Eziplan Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eziplan?

Eziplan is Australian Rostering, Care Planning and Funding Management Software for the NDIS & Home Care sector by Ezitracker. 

How Long Does Eziplan Take to Setup?

Eziplan is a very robust system and dependent on the size of your workforce and any legacy data that needs transferring, setup of Eziplan is estimated to take between 1 – 4 weeks. However, if you would like help with the establishment our support team are always available.

Can Eziplan Track Staff Qualification?

Eziplan has a feature that allows all workforce qualification to be tracked and managed in case certain workers have forgotten to update. This allows an organisation to manage the safety of client care delivery.

Does Eziplan Help Fill Appointments if Staff are on Leave or Sick?

Eziplan has appointment bidding and leave management features built in to enable any organisation to plan or at short notice to cover shifts with the correct qualification so the client is provided with the desired care.

Does Eziplan Link in With Australian Funding Packages?

Yes, Eziplan links with the funding packages and provides additional support for report functionality. Funding Packages Include, but not limited to; Brokerage / NDIS / HACC / HSCP

Is Eziplan Easy To Use?

Eziplan is smart, intuitive and user friendly. With a support hotline any issues can be resolved to benefit you and allow your organisation to manage your care delivery.

What Size Organisation Can Use Eziplan?

Both small, medium and enterprise customers can use Eziplan software solution to help provide and manage care delivery.

Is Eziplan Customisable?

Eziplan can be customised for your organisation. With the ability to customise language and colour categories you can tailor Eziplan for your current business processes.

Eziplan is workforce rostering, care planning and funding management software for the home care sector in Australia by Ezitracker. Trusted for over 19 years.

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