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Manage Compliant Communication across your Care Management

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Good care management, good compliance and good communication are all essential for delivering coordinated, client focused care, while also protecting data and ensuring compliant communication.

Good Care Management with Eziplan

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  • Electronic Health Records for secure storage and access to patient data

  • Task and care plan management features for effective coordination of care

  • Client communication and plan-management tools to better understand patients' needs, preferences, and goals

  • Analytics and reporting capabilities to track client outcomes, measure effectiveness of care plans, and identify areas for continuous improvement

Good Compliance with integrated data

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  • Compliance with privacy and security regulations, such as APP Laws, to protect client data

  • Access controls, data encryption, audit trails, and other security features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of client data is manageable

  • Reporting capabilities to track client outcomes and identify areas for continuous improvement against compliant regulations

Good Communication with Monty

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  • Care coordination and collaboration features, such as messaging and medical documentation

  • Client and family portal to improve engagement and compliant communication between staff and providers

  • Education and service delivery documentation to help clients and family manage their ongoing care plans

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